Bauernmalerei aka Bavarian Folk Art

Another passion of mine is painting in the folk art style used by Bavarians and Austrians known as Bauernmalerei, which literally translates to “farmer painting” in German. This style of painting began in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where people painted their furniture and other household objects to decorate their homes, and over three centuries came to include  different regional styles.

In the United States we call it “Bavarian Folk Art” because Bavaria is the largest area in Germany where this art can be found.

These wooden wine bottle holders are made by a friend and painted by me.  While some may be similar in design, each one is uniquely painted.


Handmade anti-gravity wine bottle holders
Handmade anti-gravity wine bottle holders
Selection of available designs.











At the right is a selection of designs from the first batch of wine bottle holders.  I am currently working on more and will be adding them to this page.





In progress….hand mirror that I have available at my craft table at fairs for clients to try on and view jewelry.


Below is a hand painted Bavarian Folk Art Serving Tray. The tray is wood, painted with acrylic paint and lacquer. Hang this decorative tray on your wall or use it to serve.  The tray measures 19.5 x 10 x .75 inches.