Aluminum, Brass, Copper & Steel …. The “ABCs”

This is what I call the “ABCs”.  Aluminiun, Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel.  These metals are much less expensive than Silver and Gold.  The same beautiful designs that can be made with precious metals can be made with the ABCs and look no less gorgeous.

Bright anodized aluminum is light and inexpensive and has a bright wonderful shine.

Brass comes in either yellow or red and I use both.  Red brass is sometimes referred to as Jeweler’s Gold because it looks just like real gold.

Copper rings are made with a hard temper solid copper wire.

Stainless Steel is well…stainless steel…hypoallergenic and almost impervious to everything.  Its a tough metal to work with and I don’t make too many items out of it but I do have a few.

I buy most of my aluminum, brass and copper from either C&T Designs in Colorado who provide quality rings and excellent service.  I also purchase from a few other suppliers.